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Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men,
after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. (Colossians 2:8).



Suzi's Story
By: K. Richard (Dick) Helms

Click here to view full sizeJacqueline Suzanne (Suzi) Helms was born on January 1, 1947 in the beautiful country of France the daughter of a young unwed French girl and a married occupation soldier. Suzi's birth mother having no way of supporting or caring for her young daughter in war torn France, made the only truly loving choice to allow her beautiful little girl to be adopted by a loving childless American couple. Dick and Ruby Helms had been married for over seven years and try as they would they could not have children. The doctors had told Ruby that she would never be able to have children (they were later proved wrong) due to physical irregularities and yet the couple had so much love to give. So Dick and Ruby took little Suzi into their home and into their hearts. There was never a more loved little girl. Later with the help of friends in the U.S. State Department they were able to adopt her and take her home to America to Ambridge, PA where she lived together with her parents and her two little brothers (I told you the doctors were wrong) Kelison Richard (Dick) Helms, Jr. and Andrew (Andy) James Helms. When Suzi was three years old the family moved to Smethport, PA and life was great.

Suzi-2.jpg (4719 bytes)In the fall (September) of 1954, at the age of seven Suzi contracted Polio. All we kids knew of Polio at the time was that it was some terrible sickness that was spoken of by adults only in whispers and with great fear. Dr. Hockenberry came to the house (yes, doctors did make house calls then) and Dick and Ruby rushed Suzi off to the hospital in Bradford, PA. One can only try to imagine how frightened, even terrified, they were for her. For the next few days they spent most of their time at the hospital. A few days later Jacqueline Suzanne (Suzi) Helms entered the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.Dr. Jonas Salk

Suzi's funeral was one of the largest Smethport, PA had ever seen. The casket was covered with glass and the viewing room filled with flowers was glassed off. Suzi's tombstone reads "THY WILL BE DONE". But, Dick and Ruby never stopped crying.

On March 26, 1953, Dr. Jonas Edward Salk, a friend of Dick's, announced the development of the first vaccine against polio.  After successful wide-scale testing in 1954, the vaccine was distributed nationally in 1955, just months after Suzi's death,. The 1954 epidemic, was the last of the great Polio epidemics in America. Thank God.


Copyright � 1998 K. Richard (Dick) Helms all rights reserved

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