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Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men,
after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. (Colossians 2:8).


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Pastor Dick's Columns
2007 Columns (I'm Back!)
05/11/2007 America’s Only True Hope for Victory – by Pastor Dick Helms
05/05/2007 Repubicans 1 - Democrats 0 - by Pastor Dick Helms
04/19/2007 Democrat Reid Proudly Proclaims "Defeat" in Iraq - by Pastor Dick Helms
04/17/2007 The First 100 Days In and Pelosi and Company Are Already Seriously Damaging Our Nation - By Pastor Dick Helms
04/16/2007 I'm Back - By Pastor Dick Helms
2006 Columns

I took a hiatus from political writing during 2006 therefore there were no original post for that year

2005 Columns
07/09/2005 Evolutionists Seek To Impose Their Anti-God Views By Pastor Dick Helms
November 2004
11/01/2004 Warning! Don’t Trust the Main Stream Media Election Reporting! – By Pastor Dick Helms
October 2004
10/31/2004 An Email Note From a Prayer Partner in Pakistan
10/30/2004 See the Documentary that the "MSM" Doesn't Want You to See!
10/28/2004 A Post-Halloween Nightmare! - By Pastor Dick Helms
10/27/2004 More Democrat Lies and the Press is at it again! - Intro by Pastor Dick Helms
10/12/2004 Kerry Campaign Threatens SINCLAIR Broadcasting - By Pastor Dick Helms
10/11/2004 HYPOCRISY! But Who's Surprised?
10/10/2004 Bill O’Reilly Misleads His Viewers as He Panders to the Kerry Camp – By Pastor Dick Helms
10/07/2004 Kerry Panics! - A Quick Thought - by Pastor Dick Helms
10/06/2004 The Same Old Democrat Scares and Lies - by Pastor Dick Helms
10/04/2004 A Quick Thought for the Day - by Pastor Dick Helms
10/02/2004 John Kerry's Global Test
10/02/2004 The Great Debate Number One - My Take – by Pastor Dick Helms
September 2004
09/25/2004 Why President Bush’s “Stay the Course” Iraq Policy is the “Right Plan” – by Pastor Dick Helms
09/24/2004 Senator Kerry Endorses President Bush!
09/24/2004 Senator Kerry has at least one consistent goal regarding the Iraq war - Pastor Dick Helms
09/21/2004 Dan Rather says “I’m Sorry” – Or Not? When an Apology is not an Apology? - by Pastor Dick Helms
09/20/2004 Dan Rather and CBS News Must Apologize, Not Just for Being “Misled” – by Pastor Dick Helms
09/17/2004 Check Out GWB's Guard Record for Yourself - by Pastor Dick Helms
09/16/2004 Dan Rather/CBS News “Twilight Zone” Logic – by Pastor Dick Helms
09/13/2004 Democrat/”MSM  to Launch a New/Old Smear Campaign – by Pastor Dick Helms
09/12/2004 Mr. Rather, Reveal Your Sources! - by Pastor Dick Helms
09/11/2004 Dan Rather and CBS News/60 minutes “Spike” evidence - by Pastor Dick Helms
09/10/2004 PANIC on the Left! – By: Pastor Dick Helms
09/08/2004 The "Main Stream" Media is Back in Full Campaign Mode - by Pastor Dick Helms
09/07/2004 The Big Question?
09/06/2004 An Answer to a Pro-"Choice" Reader - by Pastor Dick Helms
August 2004
08/23/2004 Issues #5 - Taxes - by Pastor Dick Helms
08/20/2004 Issues #4 - The Economy and Jobs - by Pastor Dick Helms
08/19/2004 John Kerry's Latest Hypocrisy - by Pastor Dick Helms
08/18/2004 Issues #3 - National Security and the War on Terrorism - by Pastor Dick Helms
08/16/2004 Issues #2 - Protecting Marriage and the Family - by Pastor Dick Helms
08/15/2004 Issues #1 - The Sanctity of Human Life - by Pastor Dick Helms
08/15/2004 Issues, Issues, Issues - by Pastor Dick Helms

Postings Concerning Dr Kenneth M Berry
08/06/2005 Friend says FBI ceased probe of Wellsville doctor - By DANIEL LEBLANC - The OleanTimes Herald
08/06/2005 I-Team 10 follow up: Anthrax investigation - 10NBC / WHEC TV-10
03/07/2005 Berry speaks out; Trying to get custody of son, life together after FBI anthrax raids - by John Anderson/Wellsville Daily Reporter
10/04/2004 Media Monitor - The FBI and Its Victims - by Cliff Kincaid
10/03/2004 Doctor At Focus Of Anthrax Probe Files Charges Against Family - GEOFF MULVIHILL/Associated Press
10/03/2004 Interest in Bioterror Issues Puts Doctor Under Scrutiny and His Life in Turmoil - By JASON GEORGE and JUDITH MILLER/The New York Times
10/01/2004 Dr. Berry's Attorney's Statement Regarding the "Coletta Issues"
09/16/2004 New York Times to Publish Interview with Dr. Berry – Or Not? – By Pastor Dick Helms
08/19/2004 Dr. Berry 'holding up' says pastor; Anthrax investigation threatens career as Dr. Berry loses job - By John Anderson/Wellsville Daily Reporter
08/19/2004 The New York Times - Doctor Loses Job Amid Anthrax Probe -By The Associated Press
08/18/2004 - FBI Took Coolers From Anthrax Investigation
08/17/2004 FBI staying mum on specifics in the Dr. Berry investigation - By John Anderson/Wellsville Daily Reporter
08/17/2004 The FBI's Anthrax TV Show - by Cliff Kinciad/Accuracy in Media

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